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The main theme of the work is the personalization of objects or images in their purest form, simple and practical. The installation by Elsa Martini has objects from places and spaces whare she is at a specific time and she re uses them. After, she offers them a personal note in their context through her intervention and by doing so they recive new significations. The formal repertoire is standing up through simple transformations meant to personalize the image in corelation to the sourse of inspiration. For this she combines techniques like paintings or prints to relate to her children series she works lately. They become symbols of same moments lived in the present or in the childhood. They have a self imposed individuality, strictly related to the characters and the place in which they are. This object transformations are expressions of a personal research and everything is related to creativity as a means to describe interactive and participatory art. The installation in this case becomes an image and symbol of childhood, of the moment that sparks the desire to play. The creation becomes a game and a possibility of imagining another time, reality or place. It´s actually an representation of the effort of the artist to create a space where the fantasy is interfering with reality. Objects like: the piano with multicilor lids, the chest with clothes modeled by the publicity scene become mediums of the consumerist society.

Thus, the installation is related to the artistic experience lived here and there and its free exploration.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Text: Ana Canpean

exhibited  10 - 31 July 2014, Arkadia Gallery

Reduta Cultural Center, Brasov